Digital Smile Design (Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments)

Digital Smile Design, Marylebone Dental Implant Centre

Digital Smile Design can make you smile even better. Making any permanent changes you our appearance can be a risky thing to do and you can never predict the outcome, with the many TV shows about body changing surgeries going wrong it makes us all think twice about doing anything to ourselves which is potentially irreversible.

Digital Smile Design

Now with Digital Smile Design we can show patients what the final result of their dental treatment will look like before any surgery or before grinding down any teeth has taken place.

It’s like trying before you buy which has great benefits for the patient and enables Dr Santos to plan the facial and smile diagnosis by seeing the final outcome.

A smile is designed that will best suit the patient and provide the best possible outcome; patients are included in the decision making and have a better understanding of the treatment, what is involved and a greater understanding of how their expectations will be met.

You will get customised teeth made to measure, designed just for you.

Digital Smile Design provides precise measurements that limit mistakes ensuring that you will be satisfied with your final teeth; this can be provided for you by Dr Santos in two stages.

Stage one; photos will be taken of your mouth, smile, and teeth plus a video to capture your smile in real time. An impression of your teeth will be taken.

Intermediate stage invisible to the patient – based on the photos, video and all information collected from the patient in the first appointment an ideal smile will be drawn on a specific software, with precise measurements.

The outcome of this virtual smile will be passed then to the lab that will re-create on the stone models, with wax, the exact drawings of the virtual smile.

Stage two, a mock of your final result will be presented to you and inserted so you can see for yourself what your smile will look like.

This mockup is a reproduction of the virtual smile and the wax up created by the lab.

The mockup will be inserted temporarily over the patient real teeth and will stay there just during the duration of the appointment, after which it will be removed. At this stage you can observe what modifications can be done, and if the proposed virtual smile meets your expectations. You will be able to discuss any concerns and finalise your requests.

All of our dentists are registered with the GDC, while our treatment is all approved under BDA, GDC and UK standard guidelines.

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