Composite Build Up (Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments)

Composite Build Up in London

Composite Build Up at Marylebone Implant Center

Have you ever wondered what would happen to a tooth if someone were to have an accident and chip it? If you have had this happen to you or if you are just curious, there is a solution that dentists use called a composite build-up.

This does not require a lot of painful dental work and it can be done fairly quickly.

Basically, a dentist replaces the part of the tooth that is lost with a material called composite. It can be made to look like a natural part of a patient’s mouth by matching in colour and size.

When the job is done correctly, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a patients’s other teeth and the tooth that has been built up with composite.

Composite is a material used for restoration of a patient’s teeth, but it takes some skill to use. In order for a dentist to be successful in using composite, he or she must have skill and some experience using the material.

If there is even a slight error in procedures or any type of contamination, it could spoil the entire restoration process. If a shoddy job is done, a patient can end up with a tooth that doesn’t match in colour or shape with the other teeth in their mouth.

It is also necessary to do a composite build up at times when other dental procedures are being done.

There may need to be a certain amount of tooth available when a dentist is performing a procedure and if there is not enough tooth available, they can easily use a composite material to build up the area.

If you have questions about whether having a composite build up performed on your tooth or teeth can be done, contact us. We will be happy to consider your situation and find the right solution for you.

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