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Common Causes of Bad Breath and Ways to Combat It

Do you or someone you love suffer from bad breath?  This is one of the most common oral health issues that people have and believe it or not it can lead to people being isolating in society causing anxiety, depression,  and even put strains on a couple’s relationship. Everyone at one point or another will suffer from bad breath, but what causes bad breath and what should you do to help resolve the issue? Oral Hygiene– This is the most important thing to keeping your breath smelling clean. If you fail to use proper oral hygiene your mouth becomes a breeding ground for millions of bacteria to put out a very offensive odor. This is common for those who don’t brush their teeth daily and don’t floss their teeth after each meal. If you are struggling with bad breath you should try to brush your teeth at least once a day and floss after each meal. Eating Habits– When bacteria begin to break down, certain food particles in your mouth it can give off a odor. Foods with higher levels of protein can cause bad breath. These foods include nuts, eggs, meat, fish, dairy products, and some fruits. Raw onions and garlic are also known for causing extremely bad breath. The best way to combat this would be by avoiding consumptions of these foods late at night or early in the morning and using a fluoride based mouthwash regularly as part of your oral hygiene routine.