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Choosing the Right Toothbrush for Dental Implants

When looking for the right toothbrush for dental implants, you should consider the same things that you would for your other teeth. When you are looking at the size of the toothbrush, it should be at least a half an inch wide an inch tall. You could get a toothbrush with a bigger head, but it might be so big that it prevents you from being able to reach all of the teeth in your mouth. Toothbrushes have varying degrees of hardness. Most will agree that soft bristles are the most comfortable and most dentists agree that this softness is good to use as bristles that are too hard can cause damage to the enamel and gums. And, ouch! Have you ever brushed your teeth with a toothbrush that was too hard? While considering the bristles of a toothbrush, you should also look for bristles that are round-tipped if possible as this is the safest, most comfortable option. Another thing to remember about toothbrushes is that they need to be replaced regularly. If you have been sick, you need to replace your toothbrush right away. Otherwise, toothbrushes should be replaced every three months. If you have gum disease, you should change your toothbrush even more often, every four to six weeks. This is because with gum disease, bacteria can harbor on the bristles of the toothbrush.