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The Marylebone Implant Centre is a centre of excellence entirely dedicated to oral rehabilitation using dental implants, complemented with other services that will allow us to give you back the function and aesthetics that you are looking for following an accident, periodontal disease or for other reasons.
This means that once you decide to go ahead and book the initial consultation we will guide you through a sequence of appointments that may start with the extraction of loose or damaged teeth, implant placement and ultimately to the final stage where the porcelain crowns are then placed in order to replace the missing teeth.

What happens at the implant consultation?

At the consultation, you will be seen by one of our implantologists. At this stage the implantologist will ask a number of questions relating to your medical and dental history, and will discuss with you what your expectations regarding the treatment. The implantologist will also do a full clinical examination of your mouth; take x-rays and also a CT scan. The CT scan is critical at this stage allowing to the implantologist to have a clear and visible picture of the condition of your teeth or surrounding areas where a tooth once was. The CT scan will help the implantologist to produce an accurate treatment plan avoiding damage to vital structures like nerves, arteries or vessels and also to obtain important information about pathologic factors. The CT scan will give to the implantologist precious information about the bone volume and density in areas where a dental implant is planned to be placed. This will also avoid surprises regarding hidden costs about possible additional treatments that could be necessary in the future in order to successfully complete an implant. Our mission here at the Marylebone Implant Centre is to make things as easy and hassle free as possible. At your consultation your questions, queries and any fears you may have about the procedure will be answered by one of our fully trained and certified implantologists. We believe in strong communication and a straight forward approach with everything starting from the initial appointment through to the complete after care package. Once the consultation is finished, our Implantologists will create a full treatment plan that will be extensively explained to you, and our implant coordinator will cover every aspect related to the cost of the proposed treatment and explain our terms, conditions and payment methods. You implant coordinator will always be on hand to answer any questions you have, however big or small. It is possible our implantologist might present more than one implant option if it is clinically suitable to do so. These alternatives will vary depending on the patients limitations regarding the cost, length of treatment, complexity and treatment sequence (number of visits and intervals) thus offering more options and greater peace of mind. These alternatives will also be discussed at your consultation. Our commitment is to send you a full treatment plan covering all options and associated costs either by mail or to your email address if it is more convenient within 48 hours of your consultation.