Why should I choose one Implant brand over an Other Implant brand?

At MIC, we use two kinds of implants Astra Tech Dental and Implant Direct Sybron Solutions. Both companies have done extensive research on their implants over a number of years and now other implant companies use this research to help produce their own implants. We want to use only the best and feel with their knowledge and expertise gathered over 55 years between them that we are more than happy to use these products for our patients.  Both implants have differences, but are equally good at what they are designed for. Our implantologist will help you decide what implant is best for your own individual needs. Here is some information that may help in assisting you with your choice.

Astra Tech

Implant features (“fingerprint”):

The four main features of the Astra Tech Implant are their surface – Osseospeed ™ ,  the microthread design – MicroThread™, the implant  abutment/crown connection Conical Seal™ and the Connective Contour™.



The Osseospeed ™ surface is a moderate rough surface that has some active substances that increase the speed of osseointegration (reducing the time that the implant takes to bond with the bone) but also making it the most resistance implant surface to Peri-implantites (infections on the surface of the implant that can lead to its failure).

The MicroThread™ design are the micro threads close to the implant “neck” that allow better load distribution in between the crown/abutment and the implant and also reduces the stress levels at the top part of the implant. This will allow having less bone shrinkage around the implant and for that reason will help to improve the aesthetics of the implant crown and surrounding gum but also make it less prompt to implant failure due to resorption.

The Conical Seal™ and the Connective Contour™ are also specific features of the Astra implant. They prevent marginal bone loss around the neck of the implant and also soft tissue (gum) stability, providing a long term aesthetic result.

Implant Direct Sybron dental solutions

Implant Features (“Fingerprint”):

The two main features of the Implant Direct Sybron Solutions implants it’s their SBM ™ surface and the internal hexagonal connection.

The SBM ™ surface (SBM = Soluble Blasted Media) gives to the implant a medium rough surface that allows a good integration of the implant with the bone. This surface has shown great results on research studies, with low resorption rate around the implant (in the long term).



The Hexagonal Internal Connection (initially patented by Dr. Niznick) is a unique feature that allows interchange ability to this implant system – this means that we can use some implant components from some other implant companies in order to restore or repair the implant, crown or abutment. We can use some universal instruments (tools) in order to restore or repair this implants. In practical terms if a patients travels a lot or if he re-locates to a different part of the country or the world it will be very easy to find a local dentist or implantologist with the correct instruments (or tools) in order to address the implant).


Both companies offer a guarantee with their implants, both implants are titanium and are grade 5. For more information on dental implants, news and patient experiences subscribe to our weekly blog.


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