The advantages of having dental implants

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What are the Advantages of having Dental Implants?

The main advantages of having a Dental Implant are, they act, and look just like the patient’s normal teeth. You can place a single Dental Implant to replace a single missing tooth or if you have a gap of three or more teeth you could either have single Dental Implant or a Dental Implant supported Bridge, these are independent units and not attached to the patients healthy teeth.

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For those patients who may have to wear a denture due to a full missing upper or lower arch, they also have the option of either a full arch Dental Implant supported fixed bridge or if they prefer a Dental Implant supported over denture, which are removable for cleaning. The good news for patients who wear a full upper standard denture is that with a Dental Implant supported over denture leaves the roof of the mouth/palate clear, not like a standard denture which covers the whole of the palate and can be a problem for patient who have a gagging reaction find these standard denture very hard to wear long term, if at all.

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Both these systems would need several Dental Implants to be placed to secure the units, during the time the Dental Implants are healing and Integrating/fused with the bone the patient can wear a standard denture which can be adjusted to wear over the Implants. Once the Implants have integrated the restoration stage can start, this will mean a few short appointments to make sure the final restoration fits perfectly and feels comfortable for the patient. Before and after photographs of our patients can be found on our web page

If you would like any further information or if you would like to discuss your own personal treatment please contact the Marylebone Implant Centre by telephone on 020 3434 2934 or contact us by email at or you could visit our web page for our patients testimonials at

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