Treatment – Home or Away

When considering any kind of surgery we should all do our research. There are many things to take into consideration; one of the main things we would be looking at is price. Would you consider going abroad, because we all know that surgery can be cheaper abroad then in the UK? Or so it would seem!  What looks like an unbeatable price on the internet promising accommodation and the best aftercare, but what happens when you return home?  Because we work in the industry we know that an implant placement can take up to 3 – 4 visits over about 3-4 months, so this would mean additional travel costs abroad. You can plan for these visits and look for the best travel costs, but again what happens if something unexpected goes wrong? So this is another factor to take into consideration when thinking about having treatment abroad, follow up costs. Let’s sum up the cost of treatment, the costs of travel, the cost of accommodation and the cost if anything unexpected goes wrong. Already we can see the benefits of having treatment at home in the UK. You can research your chosen implant centre; you can research the surgeons and speak with past patients. You will get a full treatment plan with no hidden costs that include a timescale for treatment. You would also have the reassurance of knowing that you can contact or even visit your surgeon at short notice if you encounter a problem.   Having had the treatment elsewhere, dentists in the UK would be reluctant to do any maintenance because in case of an infection or damage on the implants, they would not wish to be legally responsible. It therefore makes a lot of sense for a resident of the UK to have the dental implants placed locally.

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