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Don´t stop Smiling! Get rid of a yellow smile!


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Do you want to enhance your dental smile? Are you looking for an affordable, easy way to gain confidence in your day to day life? If so then tooth whitening could be the treatment you have been looking for! Tooth whitening is an excellent way to completely brighten your teeth by lightening the existing colour of your teeth by several shades. Tooth whitening is a simple and totally safe procedure to have done once you have completed your research and find a reputable, professional and qualified Dentist or a regulated dental professional such as a dental hygienist or dental therapist, on the prescription of a GDP to carry out tooth whitening treatment.


Tooth whitening is known to erase the effects of ageing and discolouration such as staining from coffee, tea, red wine, fizzy drinks and cigarette stains. Using a guaranteed state of the art whitening system can whiten your teeth to their optimum natural whiteness and the treatment is a non invasive procedure. Here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we offer a popular Whitening system called Enlighten to our patients which we have seen excellent results with. It whitens the teeth beyond any other system by using a combination of Chair side and home whitening procedure which takes 3-4 visits to complete over 2-6 weeks. Based on our dentists knowledge of your oral health they will discuss with you the options available and decide if tooth whitening is appropriate for you and develop an overall individual treatment plan. Please call us on 02034342934 if you would like more information on our whitening system.


If you are considering having your teeth whitened you must make sure that the treatment is carried out by a dental professional and that they are registered with the GDC.  In 2013 a high court ruling deemed it against the law to carry out teeth whitening unless you are a registered dentist with the GDC meaning that when you are searching for a safe place to have your teeth whitened look for a creditable, trustworthy source. Often some kits you buy online can carry risks and may not contain the correct or enough whitening product to be effective. When purchasing these home kits that have no professional guidance the mouth guard (or whitening tray) provided can be a “one size fits all” and will not fit each individual properly causing some of the bleaching gel to leak onto your gums and into your mouth which can leave you with sensitivity and blistering and can also damage the enamel on your teeth. Having your teeth whitened professionally by a dentist they will take detailed impressions for your whitening trays that are bespoke replicas of your mouth that fit perfectly and made with the highest quality material and will avoid any oral health issues that you can keep for years to come providing your mouth has no major changes. Please call us on 02034342934 if you would like more information on our whitening system.

Tooth discolouration will affect most of us in our lifetime at some stage unless we take care or our oral health. Look out for signs when staining may be happening and to take precautions to prevent this. Maintaining our oral health and regular checkups to your dentist and hygienist are crucial to having a healthy mouth. If you are a smoker or are a fan of dark coloured beverages try to cut back or quit altogether. Limiting your intake of all of these will benefit both your oral and overall health. Moderation is key when it comes to enjoying the foods and drink that discolour your teeth so remember to stay a step ahead when it comes to brushing and flossing and attending your regular dentist and hygiene appointments to keep staining at bay. Why not treat yourself to a thorough satin removal Airflow treatment with our hygienist Catriona, where she will use sodium bicarbonate to polish and clean your teeth and remove those though stains. For more information on this treatment please call us on 02034342934 or email us on or you can use the live chat option to speak to a member of staff on our website

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The History and Evolution of dental implants technology

The History and Evolution of dental implant technology book now

The History and Evolution of dental implant technology

After many years of research, studies and experimentations, the very first titanium dental implant was placed successfully in 1965 into a human volunteer by Branemark. They started working on the mouth as it was more accessible for their clinical studies which they found the result being the adherence of the bone with the titanium implant which they termed as  “Osseointegration” . However archaeological evidence found that humans have been attempting to replace missing teeth with root form implants for thousands of years. Remains in ancient China were found to have carved bamboo pegs taped into the bone to replace the lost teeth. In Honduras the remains of a young woman was found to have three missing lower teeth which were replaced with pieces of shell which bone had grown around with calculus on which in turn the evidence showed that they were not only functional but also aesthetical.

The History and Evolution of dental implants technology

Thankfully today due to further developments, studies and modern technology the reinvention of dental implants along with the skill and intensive training of the consultants placing the dental implants , dental implants have revolutionised the world of dentistry giving hope to all patients that have missing tooth or teeth due to a poor dental prognosis, injury or accident.

For many patients being told that they require a dental implant can be a very frightening experience as they do not know exactly what this is entails. Dental implants are a great way of replacing missing tooth or teeth as they can act and look like your own natural teeth whilst giving you back your complete chewing ability therefore it can also help with your overall general health including giving you back your confidence and self esteem. Dental implants are a titanium screw which is placed below the gum line which you do not see, it acts as an anchor or root of a tooth so a permanent tooth restoration can be placed on top of it.

Dental implants are now more accessible to patients of all ages, medical conditions and economical status as tooth implants have become less expensive and with supporting treatments such that of bone graftings and sinus lifts it makes dental implants for the many and not just for the few.

Here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we are a dedicated dental implants centre of excellence.  Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants have been placing dental implants for over 10 years.  If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team on 02034342934 or chat to us on our online Live Chat forum on our website were you can also view our before and after photographs on our gallery section.

The actual procedure of dental implants is much less frightening than the actual thought of having tooth implants.

Book your free consultation today and get a complete and precise treatment plan free of charge.

Our fees start from £995 per tooth when you have five or more dental implants placed at the same time, this is inclusive of the dental implant, abutment and final crown.

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Sports Guards/Mouth Guards & Preventing Dental Damage

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Sports Guards/Mouth Guards & Preventing Dental Damage

Sports guards or mouth guards are a sturdy but resilient plastic material appliance which is worn in your mouth covering your gums and teeth either when you are playing a contact sport or during sleep to help protect your mouth and teeth.

What most people do not realise is that they could be a heavy bruxer (grind your teeth) which a lot of us do and are completely unaware of as this usually happens at night whilst we are a sleep or we are stressed or anxious about something. Bruxing can have a detrimental effect on our mouth and especially are teeth as we can ground our teeth down even to the extent of breaking our teeth which could lead to the tooth/teeth be unsalvageable. Teeth can become very sensitive and tender causing a lot of discomfort. We all want that perfect smile and some of us will have gone through a lot of dental treatment to perfect that perfect smile. With a simple device called a mouth guard or you may have heard your dentist call it a splint, wearing this appliance during your sleeping hours can help to ensure that this damage is prevented and can ensure that your teeth are well looked after. Wearing a mouth guard can help protect that perfect smile.

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If you are someone who plays a lot of contact sports such as football, ruby or hockey or you are an athlete i.e. such as a boxer you would wear a sports guard over your teeth to protect you from any face or head injury to ensure that not only your teeth are protected but also your mouth. The American Dental Association recommends the use of a sports guards not only for the important games but whilst practicing also. Sports guards and Mouth guards help prevent injuries by cushioning blows to your lips, teeth and jaw when playing sports. A sports guard/mouth guard is the best protection against getting your teeth broken or knocked out. There are a few types of sport guards/mouth guards available however we would always recommend that you contact your dentist to ensure you have the correct one for you.

Preventing Dental Damage! You could either go for a:

Customized – this is when the sports guard/mouth guard is custom bespoke made by your dentist in their laboratory and is by far the most comfortable and best fitting as it is made especially for you. It maybe a little more expensive however in the long term it is usually the best way forward and the one which will last the longest.

Standard – this is when the sports guard/ mouth guard is a pre-formed guard and cannot be altered to fit a specific mouth therefore it is not an exact fit and most likely you will find that it could possibly interfere with your breathing and talking and will not fit over all of your mouth and teeth therefore increasing your risk of injury. It may be a little less expensive however in the long term you may find that it does not last very long.

If you find that a Sports Guard/Mouth Guard is something that would help you to protect your mouth and teeth then please do not hesitate to contact one of our team at the Marylebone Implant Centre either via our online Live Chat on our website at: or on 02034342934

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Why Wisdom Teeth Are So Troublesome

Wisdom Teeth title

Wisdom Teeth infographic

Having Wisdom Teeth Issues?

Wisdom tooth/teeth (3rd Molars or 8s as they are known in dental terminology) grow at the back of your gums in the back of your mouth, they are the last teeth to come through between the ages of 17-25 and for most of us we will have four wisdom teeth – one in each quadrant.

As wisdom teeth normally grow through by the time your other adult teeth are in place there is not always enough room or space for the wisdom teeth to grow properly therefore the wisdom teeth can sometimes emerge at an angle or only partially emerge and you may have heard your dentist use the term Impacted Wisdom Teeth which means they have grown through in this way.  On some occasions you may find that your Wisdom Teeth do not erupt through at all.

Wisdom Teeth section infographic 2

Your wisdom teeth can be quite difficult to get to at the back of your mouth and sometimes cleaning them can be quite tricky.  It is very important that you keep your wisdom teeth as clean as possible and visit your hygienist and dentist for regular checkups, because of their irregular emerging shape food and bacterial can get trapped around the edge of the wisdom tooth causing a build up of plaque which may lead to the follow:

  • Your Wisdom Tooth/Teeth can become very painful and you may have an abscess on your wisdom tooth
  • You could develop tooth decay which can lead to dental caries.
  • You could develop gum disease which can lead to gingivitis or periodontal (gum) disease.
  • You could develop a condition call Pericoronitis which is when plaque causes an infection of the soft tissue that surrounds the wisdom tooth/teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth do not always need to be removed and most of the above can be treated with a course of antibiotics however removal of your wisdom teeth are usually recommended when other treatments have not or do not work.  It can ensure that you do not have any recurrent toothache or any further problems, giving you peace of mind.

If you are have a troublesome wisdom tooth/teeth we would always recommend in the first instance you seek advice from your dentist who will take the necessary x-rays and recommend you to an oral surgeon however if you would like any further advise on Wisdom Tooth/Teeth and their removal or if you would like to arrange a free of charge no obligation consultation and treatment, please do not hesitate to contact our expert oral surgeons here at the Marylebone Implant Centre on 02034342934 or via email at:

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5 Reasons To Treat Yourself to a Digital Smile Design (cosmetic dentistry) This Spring

Digital Smile Design

April info Digital Smile Design

5 Reasons To Treat Yourself to a Digital Smile Design

For most of us at some stage in our lives we have been very body conscious and we are not always happy with what we look like which can make us very self conscious which in turn can lead to us losing confidence in ourselves and hibernating a little..  One of the major aspects of this can be if you are unhappy with the shape and colour of your teeth this can not only have a detrimental effect on how we feel about ours but also on our mental and body health as we do not like to be around too many people .  We are embarrassed by our Smile.

We have all heard the saying “First Impressions Count” and this can be true however please be assured with a few simple steps you can get your confidence back and become that person again  with the smile you have always wanted and deserved.

We understand that making any permanent changes to your appearance can be frightening and with some of the media stories of body changing surgeries going wrong it can make us stop and  think twice about doing anything to ourselves which is potentially irreversible.

Here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we offer a procedure call Digital Smile Design which  shows our patients what the final result of the dental treatment will look like before any surgery has even taken place.  The Digital Smile Design is a non invasive dentistry procedure which results in custom made to measure bespoke teeth just for you, your very own Smile to suit you.  The Digital Smile Design can change the colour and shape of your mouth in a few simple appointments and give you the Smile you have always wanted.

Our consultant Dr dos Santos will go through your treatment plan with you thoroughly and plan the facial and smile diagnosis by seeing the final outcome.  A smile is designed that will best suit the patient and provide the best possible outcome. Patients are included in the decision making every step of the way so they have a better understanding of the treatment and the outcome of the treatment. Feeling comfortable and confident in the knowledge of all the treatment being carried out and how their expectations are being met.  Digital Smile Design provides precise measurements that limit mistakes ensuring the patient will be completely happy with their final teeth.

If you are feeling self conscious!

Are you unhappy with your facial appearance?

Is your facial appearance holding you back?

Would you like to get your confidence back?

Would you like the Smile you have always wished for?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above then why not treat yourself this spring to the Digital Smile Design treatment at the Marylebone Implant Centre.. We Make You Smile.

For further information regarding the Digital Smile Design please contact one of our very friendly staff on 02034342934 or chat to them on our Live Chat Forum on our website where you can also view our before and after photos on our gallery or email them to

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Getting the Basics Right in Dental Hygiene

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Getting the Basics Right in Dental Hygiene

Getting the Basics Right in Dental Hygiene

You may feel that the one thing that you cannot get wrong in life is the simple task of brushing your teeth…
Do you have an Oral Hygiene Regime? Are you getting the basics correct?
What most people do not realise is that how they brush their teeth, when they brush their teeth and what kind of toothbrush they use to brush their teeth can either aid or be detrimental to a patient’s Dental Hygiene.

Do you have an Oral Hygiene Regime? Are you getting the basics correct?
Fundamentally the basics of good dental oral hygiene (the health of your teeth and gums) are to ensure that you have a good oral hygiene regime.
All dental professionals recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes (Morning and Night time just before bedtime) with a fluoride toothpaste. Whether you use a manual or electric toothbrush ensure that you brush your teeth along the gum line softly trying not to be too vigorous as this can lead to you wearing down the enamel of your teeth or damaging your gums. It is recommended that you change your toothbrush every couple of months or if you use an electric toothbrush the toothbrush heads.

Using Floss or Interdental Brushes (Tepe brushes) daily is essential as the floss or tepe brushes can get in between your teeth to the gum line whereas brushing can only get to the surface of your teeth. The floss and tepe brushes can ensure that the gums in between your teeth are kept clean and remain particle free ensuring that your gums are healthy.

Good diet & Dental Hygiene?

One of the most important measures to good oral hygiene is a good personal diet. We are all very busy people and these days in the UK we are finding for convenience purposes that most of us are eating and drinking more convenience foods than ever before, we find that the foods we are eating are higher in sugar or artificial sweetener. In the UK a person’s alcohol intake has gone up and we are still the biggest nation of smokes. A higher sugar intake contact, drinking more alcohol, smoking and bad oral hygiene regime can all lead to us incurring dental issues such as gum disease which can possibly lead to tooth loss in the future. Some people are inherently prone to dental disease through genetics however research has shown that if proper care is taken of your teeth and gums from childhood through to adulthood you can not only keep the dental disease at bay but can also eliminate it completely and have a healthy happy mouth.

If you find that you are having any gum or dental issues maybe you have had a poor diagnosis or an accident please contact our very friendly knowledgeable staff on: 02034342934 or chat to one of our team on our Live Chat Forum at regarding dental implants which act and look like your natural teeth and can not only give you back your smile but can give you back your chewing ability which in turn will assist with your medical health as your diet will improve.

Here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we recommend to all our patients that if you have regular annual dental and six monthly hygienist examinations along with a good personal oral hygiene regime and a good personal diet you will help to avoid any dental problems in the future. If you would like any further information or you have any further questions or queries on dental treatments or how to improve your Dental hygiene please feel free to contact us at email:

Marylebone Implant Centre……….We Make You Smile……………

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How Stress Impacts Oral Health

How Stress Impacts Oral Health


At some point in our lives we will all encounter stress in our lives in some form or other, whether it be from moving house, getting married, death or even a birth, it could be from pressures of work or just of life in general.  There are varying reasons why we would encounter stress but are you aware that stress can not only cause anxiety disorders and panic attacks but it can have an overall affect on our bodies as we can experience symptoms such as lack of sleep which can lead to fatigue and frustration leaving us some days incapable of carry out the simplest of tasks.

What most people do not realise is that stress can be detrimental to our Oral Health.  Our mouths can suffer just as much as our bodies and minds do when we are stressed. Research has found that when people are feeling stressed that they also start to develop some dental problems which can contribute significantly to Gum (periodontal) Disease as our immune system becomes increasingly susceptible to infection .  This can lead to some patients experiencing tooth loss.

People who are feeling stressed tend to neglect their oral health as there is so much going on they can forget about the mere task of brushing or flossing their teeth.  They tend not to have the energy levels to cook a full meal and find they are having lots of convenient foods which are high in sugar and not very healthy, therefore their eating habits become poor which can lead to many serious dental conditions, included below are a few which you may recognize that you have been doing but may have been unaware what they were.

Bruxing – When people are stressed most of them will grind their teeth in their sleep at night and some people may even do it during the day especially if they find they are having to deal with a stressful situation. Bruxing can lead to significant damage of your teeth however if you are diagnosed with Bruxism please do not worry as there is a simple resolution in the form of a dental Night Guard/Mouth Guard which your dentist can prescribe for you to wear.  This can be constructed and fitted for you, it will help greatly and save your teeth being damaged, chipped or broken down.  

Tooth grinding can also contribute to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ as it is known in the dental world. This can be quite painful  and if as a patient you have ever experienced TMJ you may have experienced it in the form of severe headaches or you find that you cannot open your mouth properly.  This can be due to the muscles around the TMJ going into spasm due to tooth grinding.  When we are stressed or anxious we can trigger symptoms of TMJ which in the end can lead to more stress.  Again a dental Night Guard/ Mouth  Guard will help to resolve this.

There are many varying oral health conditions you can have when you are feeling stressed. Tooth pain can become extreme during a time of stress as we are not on top of our oral health regime and we try to heal our situation with smoking and possibly drinking alcohol excessively.  


If you find that you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or your oral health has fallen by the way side seek help with one of our very supportive experienced team who can give you tips and advice on dental procedures and treatments which can help with your dental issues.

If you would like any further advice please do not hesitate to contact one of our team at the Marylebone Implant Centre on 02034342934 or chat to us on our Live Chat via our website at

If you are worried that stress is affecting your teeth or gums please seek advice from your dentist as your consultant can treat your dental problems and offer suggestions for a better oral health regime during periods of stress.

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5 Dental Implant Tips for 2018

Dental Implant Tips

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Welcome to the New Year… Welcome 2018….

As 2017 comes to a close we all see the start of 2018 as a New Beginning…. We are all going to do better this Year…. We make these promises to ourselves every year….

I am going to Eat Healthy, I am going to Travel more…. What has your New Year Resolution been?…. If like me you feel that it is time for You….It’s A New Year with A New You… let us at the Marylebone Implant Centre help you do this and make it a reality and not just a promise…. Marylebone Implant Centre …We can make you Smile..

If you are missing a tooth or some of your teeth this cannot only be a traumatic experience to someone it can also knock their confidence from being a very outgoing bubbly person to a very shy introverted person. People become very self conscious of their smiles… having a missing tooth/teeth or gap can impact on the way we speak and also on the way we eat. Tooth loss brings with it a variety of problems that could also involve having some bone loss and for some if this were to happen over time they could experience a drastic change in their appearance and for a lot of patients it can make them look a lot older than what their actual age is.

In a few simple appointments Dental Implants can bring back the oral health of your mouth which will improve the function of your mouth and teeth which will in turn improve your eating habits and improve your facial looks giving you the Smile you have always.

Please find below the Marylebone Implant Centre must have 5 Dental Implant Tips for 2018.

Dental implants act and look like your natural teeth.
Whatever the reason, if you have a missing tooth/teeth or a gap whether it be from a poor prognosis, injury or accident it is good to know that with a few simple appointments you can now have a tooth or teeth which act and look like your own natural teeth. Dental implants are a titanium screw which is placed below your gum which acts like the root of your tooth with a titanium abutment placed on top to keep it secure. After the dental implant has had a healing period of approximately 3 months we can then place a porcelain tooth on top which is attached to the dental implant and will match and act like your natural teeth, you are safe in the knowledge that Dental implants will not impact or affect your other natural teeth as a denture or bridge may do.
Dental Implants can make you look younger and stop that aging process.
If you have had a space or gap for some time you may find that you notice that your facial features have changed shape this may be due to the fact that over time you have suffered some bone loss in your gums and your face may have taken on a sunken look. With a simple procedure called bone grafting this will ensure that you have enough bone to enable you to have dental implants placed and you can have full function of your teeth and mouth which in turn will restore the shape of your face and can stop the aging process giving you a youthful look.

Dental Implants can help you achieve a healthy diet and lifestyle.
When you have a missing tooth or teeth this can not only affect your mouth and facial features it also prohibits you from some food types which in turn can result in a poor diet which can lead to health issues. Let dental implants align your mouth and give you back your chewing ability in order for you to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Dental Implants can last you a lifetime.
Did you know that dental implants can last you a lifetime? as long as your dental implants are well maintained. Here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we recommend that once you have had your dental implant treatment completed you should have an annual dental check up with you implant consultant and six monthly scale and polish appointments with your hygienist to ensure that all is well with your dental implant and that you are cleaning and maintaining it well so you dental implants can last you a lifetime.
Dental Implants are more affordable than you think.
At the Marylebone Implant Centre we believe that in the long term Dental Implants are the most effective way as well as being the most cost effective way to replace missing tooth/teeth or a gap as a denture and bridgework have shown over the years to have a short life span and become loose and move about in your mouth effecting your biting and impeding on the rest of your natural teeth. They have more risk of failure and you may find that you are constantly at your dentist having the denture/bridgework adjusted, repaired or mended.

When comparing the costs and fees of the denture/bridgework against dental implants in the short term they may look the most economical option however most patients find that after approximately 5 years of constantly trying to get them to fit correctly and coping with them they inevitably are required to go ahead with dental implants as the denture/bridgework have also caused some bone deterioration. The cost of dental implants can be a little bit more expensive in the initial outlay however in the long term we have found them to be the most consistent form of treatment and in the long term can be the most cost effective dental treatment and in some cases to be a little cheaper.
If you would like any further information regarding dental implants or any supporting treatments please do not hesitate to contact one of our very knowledgeable team today on 02034342934 or why not have a chat with one of our treatment co-ordinators on our Live Chat Forum on our new streamlined website at: or email us at:

Dental Implants can be your investment in you so for 2018 put your best Smile forward at the Marylebone Implant Centre.

Our dental implants start from £995 per tooth when you have four or more implants placed at the same time, this is inclusive of the implant, abutment and final tooth.


Welcome to Marylebone Implant Centre Christmas

Marylebone Implant Centre

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Welcome to Marylebone Implant Centre Christmas 2017 Blog

“Tiz the Season to be Jolly……..”

With the festive holiday season quickly approaching we will be relaxing and spending more time with our loved ones , friends and family. This is the time of year that we will all indulge a little bit more than usual especially with the cold weather and the Christmas Cheer but please be careful for this is also the time of year when most people will lapse on their oral health regime or break a tooth thinking they are the Nut Cracker…… With lots of tempting treats such as Christmas Cake, Mince Pies, Toffees, Tins of Sweets , Walnut , Hazelnuts, Crisps , Peanuts in our Christmas Stockings and under the Christmas Tree it is very difficult not to indulge, however these Christmas holidays remember not to neglect or forget to look after your teeth so that you can keep smiling not only over the festive period but all year through.

At this time of the year it is very difficult to say No to these tasty Christmas morsels but did you know that these tasty treats such as Christmas Cake, Dried Fruit ,Boiled Sweets can be full of sugar which can stick to your teeth and attack the enamel of your teeth which can damage your teeth. Forgetting to brush your teeth twice daily or using your dental floss or tepe brushes over the holidays could be potentially harmful which may lead to you having caries in your teeth so from all of us at the Marylebone Implant Centre to all of you please keep up your daily hygiene routine, your oral health is not just for Christmas but for life… Instead of the traditional Christmas fayre of Walnuts and Chestnuts roasting… why not add an extra treat of dental tepe brushes or dental floss into your loved ones Christmas stocking this year…. you never know they may be thanking you for them in the end. Nuts and seeds taste delicious but they can break, damage or even split your teeth causing pain or even causing cracks in your teeth which may lead to lots of dental treatment so spare a thought for your teeth over the Festive Period and try to avoid these Christmas favourites or keep them to a minimum… Avoid the Hum Bug sweets and avoid becoming the holiday Grinch with toothache make the holiday season a time to shine and smile with lots of sparkle.

To ensure you are pain free and have no dental issues over the holiday season here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we recommend to all of our patients before going on your Christmas break to have your teeth cleaned with a dental professional hygienist and a thorough consultation with your dentist so that your teeth can be checked for any underlying problems or just a regular check up to give you piece of mind before all the celebrations begin.

If you find that your teeth are discoloured or have lots of staining why not contact one of our team today and get that white bright smile for the holidays with our wonderful hygienist Catriona or have a less invasive dental treatment with Veneers which can change the colour and shape of your teeth in a few simple appointments. Please contact us on 02034342934 or via email at or via our online Live Chat at

From All of us at the Marylebone Implant Centre we wish you a Very Merry Christmas & A Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year.

In the event that something does happen over the Christmas & New Year holiday period and you require advice or have an emergency please do not worry we at the Marylebone Implant Centre are here to help. You can contact us via email at or via our new streamlined website

Our Opening Times over the Christmas & New Year Holiday Period @ Marylebone Implant Centre:
The practice will be closed from Friday 22nd December 2017 – Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Do not forget you can still contact us for any out of hours advice at: or on our website at

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Easy Steps to Improve your Smile

Easy Steps to Improve your Smile

Easy Steps to Improve your Smile dental infograohic

Easy Steps to Improve your Smile

First impressions last…The first thing someone will notice is your Smile…

We all crave that wonderful bright white SMILE but how do we go about getting it?…


Here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we have complied our easy steps to help improve your smile so you can make that first impression last a lifetime.


Good Oral Hygiene Regime –

This may seem very logical and extremely simple but ask yourself how often do you do the following?:


Brush your teeth twice daily?

 It is essential that you brush your teeth first thing in the morning and last thing at night. If you are using a manual tooth brush maybe treat yourself to an electric toothbrush as it is a well known fact in dentistry that an electric toothbrush can clean your teeth and gums much better than a manual tooth brush due to the oscillating rotation of the electric toothbrush. If you do use a manual toothbrush it is recommended that you change your toothbrush every 3-4 months.


Do you Use floss or tepe (interdental) brushes?

 Dental floss and tepe (interdental) brushes  are used to get in between your teeth and get to those all essential gums where your toothbrush cannot always  get to.  What most people do not realise is that we store bacteria in between our gums and it is our gums that we need to ensure are kept clean otherwise plaque can build up and over time this could lead to gum disease. If the spaces in between your teeth are large enough then it is best to use the tepe brushes otherwise if you find they are too tight it is then best to use dental floss.  Some people find that they will require a selection of different sizes as everyone’s mouth is different.  For the best results you can use dental floss or tepe brushes daily.  If you would like any further information on using oral hygiene products or would like some oral hygiene instruction please do not hesitate to contact our hygienist at the Marylebone Implant Centre on 02034342934 or via email at


Have regular dental check ups

.  At the Marylebone Implant Centre we recommend to all our patients that you have a regular dental routine examination at least once a year so the dentist can thoroughly check your mouth, gum and teeth to ensure that there are no untoward changes to your mouth.  At this appointment the dentist will take any necessary dental  x-rays.


Have regular hygienist check ups.

Seeing a hygienist regularly (we recommend at least once every six months) to have a thorough cleaning cannot only make your mouth feel very fresh but the hygienist will give your teeth a thorough cleaning and examine your teeth for any signs of oral disease or gingivitis along with giving the patient oral hygiene instruction.


  • Airflow Teeth Cleaning.

    If you are having trouble removing stubborn stains with regular toothpaste and brushing? Why not have an Airflow procedure along with your regular hygiene appointment. Airflow can improve the colour of your teeth by a couple of shades without using any UV lights or chemical gels. It works using three components, Air, Water and Sodium bicarbonate. To get the best results you may require a de-scaling with our professional hygienist first who will then follow using airflow cleaning; you will see the results straight away. Airflow is very good for removing stains from eating and drinking including getting rid of plaque and discoloration from tea, coffee and red wine. Airflow can also remove tobacco stains. For a brighter, fresher smile call us on 02034342934 and ask for details on AIRFLOW.


Some patients will find that they have a good oral hygiene regime but just are not happy with the colour or shape of their teeth (their teeth may be chipped, discoloured or their bite could be misaligned and they have difficulty in chewing) and their lack of Smile can leave them feeling very Self-conscious.   If you find yourself to be one of those patients please be assured that we have other dental treatments available which are much less invasive and do not require lots of dental treatment which can correct your smile. These simple dental procedures below can  give you back the confidence and smile you have been longing for..


  • Tooth Whitening

    – you can really brighten your smile with a tooth whitening procedure.  At the Marylebone Implant Centre we use the World’s best performing  teeth whitening treatment  called  Enlighten Evolution.  This is the only brand which can guarantee you the Vita Shade B1 which can give you the best long lasting results.  Please see our before and after photos of one of our patients who has completed their treatment in a few easy appointment steps.  


Please visit our website at and view more before and after photographs of completed treatment cases in our Gallery section.


  • Lumineers  – If you are unhappy with your smile and would like to change the shape and colour of your teeth  without invasive dental surgery Lumineers  are a great way to improve your smile as they strong and durable and will not discolour.  The Marylebone Implant Centre offers our patients a procedure called Digital Smile Design where the patient gets to sit with the consultant in a relaxed environment to discuss and see the final result of how their teeth could look before any treatment has even taken place.


  • Porcelain Veneers  – Over the years some patients find that their teeth get very worn down, chipped, stained.  Porcelain veneers are a rapid, aesthetic, and safe way to correct unattractive front teeth.  Porcelain Veneers are a strong, long lasting, stain resistant treatment which takes less time that other corrective treatment options.


  • Crowns – Porcelain crowns can be created to look a lot like a natural tooth for those who have a tooth or teeth with extensive fractures, severely filled or decayed. Porcelain crowns are able to provide a durable, strong, and resilient replacement that works well for many years to come as well for patients who are suffering from a damaged tooth.  Not only can porcelain crowns be used to help patients who have a missing tooth, or a damaged tooth, they can also be used for patients who are looking to improve the overall appearance of their smile also.


If you would like any further information, require any advice or have any further questions or queries on Our Easy Steps to Improve your Smile please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful friendly team at Marylebone Implant Centre on 02034342934 or at …Marylebone Implant Centre..We Like to Make You Smile

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