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With the Holiday season beginning to approach, festive treats like Christmas cake, mince pies, toffees and tins of sweets sitting on shop shelves and under the Christmas tree can be very tempting to indulge on.  During the busy times ahead we must remember not to neglect and look after our teeth so that we can keep smiling as families and relatives gather to spend this time together, some of us may want new teeth for Christmas but not an emergency during the holiday period

These tasty Christmas foods and snacks are sadly packed full of sugar especially dried fruit which can stick to your teeth, attacking the enamel  cause damage if we forget to brush them away. Make sure to keep your daily routine and do not forget your oral health routine:   Brushing and Flossing twice a day throughout the holidays. Try to avoid pushing it to the side and keep it up – even after wrapping that last gift or after a late night movie by the fire.

Here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we recommend to all of our patients before going on Festive Leave to have a dental professional clean with our hygienist and check up with one of our consultants so that your teeth can be checked for any underlying problems that might develop over the Christmas/New Year period. We have an excellent hygienist Catriona who can have your teeth thoroughly cleaned, polished and sparkly for all your social gatherings over the festivities. Seeing your dentist can also be beneficial to check if anything in your mouth may need a little helping hand or attention before the celebrations begin. You can call us on 02034342934 or send us an email to to find out more information.

Many of us enjoy eating some nuts during the Christmas holidays like walnuts and hazelnuts but these can be potentially very harmful for your teeth. Trying to open these with your teeth is a big No…No…No…! They break, damage and split the teeth causing pain, cracks and need to be opened with precaution. If you must have some nuts over the holidays try to use a nut cracker to break the shell. If you have an area that is sensitive or that has a temporary crown or filling – chew on the opposite side. This also applies to eating any toffees or sticky sweets which our selection boxes will be full of. However if you have an emergency or need some advice even over the Christmas & New Year Holidays you can contact us either via email at or on our new streamlined website at

Spare a thought for your teeth over the Festive Period… if you do decide to bite or tear open crisp packets or dare we say Open Bottles with your teeth Please Be Aware you are actually causing them more harm than good. Remember your teeth are not tools and will thank you for saving them from any incidents which can certainly be avoided. However in the event that something does happen and you require advice or have an emergency please do not worry we at the Marylebone Implant Centre are here to help.

Here are our opening Times over the Christmas and New Year Holiday Period @ Marylebone Implant Centre:

The practice will be closed from Friday 23rd December 2016 – Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Do not forget you can still contact us for any out of hours advice at: or on our website at





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