How Stress Impacts Oral Health


At some point in our lives we will all encounter stress in our lives in some form or other, whether it be from moving house, getting married, death or even a birth, it could be from pressures of work or just of life in general.  There are varying reasons why we would encounter stress but are you aware that stress can not only cause anxiety disorders and panic attacks but it can have an overall affect on our bodies as we can experience symptoms such as lack of sleep which can lead to fatigue and frustration leaving us some days incapable of carry out the simplest of tasks.

What most people do not realise is that stress can be detrimental to our Oral Health.  Our mouths can suffer just as much as our bodies and minds do when we are stressed. Research has found that when people are feeling stressed that they also start to develop some dental problems which can contribute significantly to Gum (periodontal) Disease as our immune system becomes increasingly susceptible to infection .  This can lead to some patients experiencing tooth loss.

People who are feeling stressed tend to neglect their oral health as there is so much going on they can forget about the mere task of brushing or flossing their teeth.  They tend not to have the energy levels to cook a full meal and find they are having lots of convenient foods which are high in sugar and not very healthy, therefore their eating habits become poor which can lead to many serious dental conditions, included below are a few which you may recognize that you have been doing but may have been unaware what they were.

Bruxing – When people are stressed most of them will grind their teeth in their sleep at night and some people may even do it during the day especially if they find they are having to deal with a stressful situation. Bruxing can lead to significant damage of your teeth however if you are diagnosed with Bruxism please do not worry as there is a simple resolution in the form of a dental Night Guard/Mouth Guard which your dentist can prescribe for you to wear.  This can be constructed and fitted for you, it will help greatly and save your teeth being damaged, chipped or broken down.  

Tooth grinding can also contribute to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ as it is known in the dental world. This can be quite painful  and if as a patient you have ever experienced TMJ you may have experienced it in the form of severe headaches or you find that you cannot open your mouth properly.  This can be due to the muscles around the TMJ going into spasm due to tooth grinding.  When we are stressed or anxious we can trigger symptoms of TMJ which in the end can lead to more stress.  Again a dental Night Guard/ Mouth  Guard will help to resolve this.

There are many varying oral health conditions you can have when you are feeling stressed. Tooth pain can become extreme during a time of stress as we are not on top of our oral health regime and we try to heal our situation with smoking and possibly drinking alcohol excessively.  


If you find that you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or your oral health has fallen by the way side seek help with one of our very supportive experienced team who can give you tips and advice on dental procedures and treatments which can help with your dental issues.

If you would like any further advice please do not hesitate to contact one of our team at the Marylebone Implant Centre on 02034342934 or chat to us on our Live Chat via our website at

If you are worried that stress is affecting your teeth or gums please seek advice from your dentist as your consultant can treat your dental problems and offer suggestions for a better oral health regime during periods of stress.

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