Getting the Basics Right in Dental Hygiene

Getting the Basics Right in Dental Hygiene

Getting the Basics Right in Dental Hygiene

You may feel that the one thing that you cannot get wrong in life is the simple task of brushing your teeth…
Do you have an Oral Hygiene Regime? Are you getting the basics correct?
What most people do not realise is that how they brush their teeth, when they brush their teeth and what kind of toothbrush they use to brush their teeth can either aid or be detrimental to a patient’s Dental Hygiene.

Do you have an Oral Hygiene Regime? Are you getting the basics correct?
Fundamentally the basics of good dental oral hygiene (the health of your teeth and gums) are to ensure that you have a good oral hygiene regime.
All dental professionals recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes (Morning and Night time just before bedtime) with a fluoride toothpaste. Whether you use a manual or electric toothbrush ensure that you brush your teeth along the gum line softly trying not to be too vigorous as this can lead to you wearing down the enamel of your teeth or damaging your gums. It is recommended that you change your toothbrush every couple of months or if you use an electric toothbrush the toothbrush heads.

Using Floss or Interdental Brushes (Tepe brushes) daily is essential as the floss or tepe brushes can get in between your teeth to the gum line whereas brushing can only get to the surface of your teeth. The floss and tepe brushes can ensure that the gums in between your teeth are kept clean and remain particle free ensuring that your gums are healthy.

Good diet & Dental Hygiene?

One of the most important measures to good oral hygiene is a good personal diet. We are all very busy people and these days in the UK we are finding for convenience purposes that most of us are eating and drinking more convenience foods than ever before, we find that the foods we are eating are higher in sugar or artificial sweetener. In the UK a person’s alcohol intake has gone up and we are still the biggest nation of smokes. A higher sugar intake contact, drinking more alcohol, smoking and bad oral hygiene regime can all lead to us incurring dental issues such as gum disease which can possibly lead to tooth loss in the future. Some people are inherently prone to dental disease through genetics however research has shown that if proper care is taken of your teeth and gums from childhood through to adulthood you can not only keep the dental disease at bay but can also eliminate it completely and have a healthy happy mouth.

If you find that you are having any gum or dental issues maybe you have had a poor diagnosis or an accident please contact our very friendly knowledgeable staff on: 02034342934 or chat to one of our team on our Live Chat Forum at regarding dental implants which act and look like your natural teeth and can not only give you back your smile but can give you back your chewing ability which in turn will assist with your medical health as your diet will improve.

Here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we recommend to all our patients that if you have regular annual dental and six monthly hygienist examinations along with a good personal oral hygiene regime and a good personal diet you will help to avoid any dental problems in the future. If you would like any further information or you have any further questions or queries on dental treatments or how to improve your Dental hygiene please feel free to contact us at email:

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