Fear of the chair

The thing about fear is the unknown. What’s going to happen? Will it hurt? What if something goes wrong? There may also be a phobia left over from a past experience. At MIC we aim to make all patients feel at ease. Normally a patient will let us know if they have a phobia or if they are really nervous.  We make sure the nurse know, who in turn will let the dentist know. The first thing is to find out what the patient is worried about and to discuss this with them. So knowledge is the key! Ask questions and keep asking questions until you are happy, we are all more than happy to answer. We want to make sure your experience with us is a positive one. Our team is known for their approach to very nervous patients with phobias of dentistry and of course the dreaded dental chair. We have developed a technique where trust is progressively built up during the course of the treatment. When most of our patients started their treatments they could not imagine themselves going through the process of having dental implants placed, afterwards our patients are at ease and thankful they gave us their trust.


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