Electric tooth brushes versus manual brushes.

At MIC we recommend electric tooth brushes to patients, but not everyone agrees with us. Teeth feel really clean after using an electric brush and its convenient and to be honest a lot less work then a manual brush. Electric tooth brushes are also very good for children as it gets their teeth cleaner then a manual brush would. However other people who don’t like electric tooth brushes and are happy with a manual brush; they believe they can get their teeth cleaner as they have control of the brush.  The problem with a manual brush is that you can brush too hard and it can make your gums sore, this doesn’t happen with an electric brush.  So which is best? It turns out neither one is better than the other, it all comes down to brushing and how we are doing this and how long for. Electric tooth brushes do have an advantage as some come with timers, so you know when your two minutes is up and they bleep to let you know when to move on to the next area to clean.  Manual brushes now come in a variety of styles; you can get different size heads, soft, medium or hard bristles. So it seems it is all down to the individual. Brush for two minutes twice a day and it should not matter what type of brush you prefer.

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Image from http://www.oralb.co.uk/en-GB/articles/how-often-should-you-change-your-toothbrush/ and Microsoft clipart

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