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Do you want to enhance your dental smile? Are you looking for an affordable, easy way to gain confidence in your day to day life? If so then tooth whitening could be the treatment you have been looking for! Tooth whitening is an excellent way to completely brighten your teeth by lightening the existing colour of your teeth by several shades. Tooth whitening is a simple and totally safe procedure to have done once you have completed your research and find a reputable, professional and qualified Dentist or a regulated dental professional such as a dental hygienist or dental therapist, on the prescription of a GDP to carry out tooth whitening treatment.


Tooth whitening is known to erase the effects of ageing and discolouration such as staining from coffee, tea, red wine, fizzy drinks and cigarette stains. Using a guaranteed state of the art whitening system can whiten your teeth to their optimum natural whiteness and the treatment is a non invasive procedure. Here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we offer a popular Whitening system called Enlighten to our patients which we have seen excellent results with. It whitens the teeth beyond any other system by using a combination of Chair side and home whitening procedure which takes 3-4 visits to complete over 2-6 weeks. Based on our dentists knowledge of your oral health they will discuss with you the options available and decide if tooth whitening is appropriate for you and develop an overall individual treatment plan. Please call us on 02034342934 if you would like more information on our whitening system.


If you are considering having your teeth whitened you must make sure that the treatment is carried out by a dental professional and that they are registered with the GDC.  In 2013 a high court ruling deemed it against the law to carry out teeth whitening unless you are a registered dentist with the GDC meaning that when you are searching for a safe place to have your teeth whitened look for a creditable, trustworthy source. Often some kits you buy online can carry risks and may not contain the correct or enough whitening product to be effective. When purchasing these home kits that have no professional guidance the mouth guard (or whitening tray) provided can be a “one size fits all” and will not fit each individual properly causing some of the bleaching gel to leak onto your gums and into your mouth which can leave you with sensitivity and blistering and can also damage the enamel on your teeth. Having your teeth whitened professionally by a dentist they will take detailed impressions for your whitening trays that are bespoke replicas of your mouth that fit perfectly and made with the highest quality material and will avoid any oral health issues that you can keep for years to come providing your mouth has no major changes. Please call us on 02034342934 if you would like more information on our whitening system.

Tooth discolouration will affect most of us in our lifetime at some stage unless we take care or our oral health. Look out for signs when staining may be happening and to take precautions to prevent this. Maintaining our oral health and regular checkups to your dentist and hygienist are crucial to having a healthy mouth. If you are a smoker or are a fan of dark coloured beverages try to cut back or quit altogether. Limiting your intake of all of these will benefit both your oral and overall health. Moderation is key when it comes to enjoying the foods and drink that discolour your teeth so remember to stay a step ahead when it comes to brushing and flossing and attending your regular dentist and hygiene appointments to keep staining at bay. Why not treat yourself to a thorough satin removal Airflow treatment with our hygienist Catriona, where she will use sodium bicarbonate to polish and clean your teeth and remove those though stains. For more information on this treatment please call us on 02034342934 or email us on or you can use the live chat option to speak to a member of staff on our website

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