Dental Implants Home Care, Before, During and After Restoration


sept-2-06-04Dental Implants can be the right choice for many different people. Some reasons to choose having Implants can include: having missing teeth whether it be a single one or multiple teeth, if you have had an injury or have teeth affected by bad decay, dental Implant patients are all ages. At the Ma

Although dental Implants act as your normal teeth, they still need to be treated and maintained as you would your natural ones. Things like having them professionally cleaned by a hygienist and having your yearly dental checkups to make sure everything is in order can help your Implants last a lifetime. It is good to know and research before having Dental Implants if you are serious about taking the next step. Questions like –


What type of Implant is being used? Who will be placing my Implants? What will be the total cost of my treatment? And how long does the process take?



These are all very relevant questions, and are very important when choosing and making a decision which is best for you. There are lots of other questions that go hand in hand with having Dental Implants and we are happy to answer any you may have, just contact us Marylebone Implant centre for more information. You can call us on 02034342934, email us on or chat to one of our team members on our website .



In order to achieve a successful outcome from a Dental Implant procedure, there are some important aftercare instructions which need to be followed to help you in the days after you have had your Implants placed. There can be some discomfort during the days following the surgery but here are pointers that we use at the Marylebone Implant centre to keep you as comfortable as possible after surgery:

  • You may taste blood in your mouth in the first 2 days after your surgery, if you bleed during the first 48 hours after your treatment you can control the bleeding by putting some pressure in the area with a piece of gauze.
  • Apply ice on the outside of the face for 15 minutes every hour for the first 2 days after your surgery. Swelling will occur in the side of the face where you had your surgery. This will increase for 48 hours and then start to subside and then should disappear by the end of the second week after your surgery.
  • Bruising may develop above the eye and neck area on the side where you had your surgery.
  • We recommend a soft or liquid diet for the first week after surgery. Things like soup, smoothies, juices and yoghurts are ideal.
  • Please avoid hot drinks for the first week.
  • If you feel like you are getting better do not stop the medication and instructions given by the surgeon, it needs to be taken as instructed.
  • Mouthwashes contain alcohol which dry out the mouth, do not use mouthwash for the first week.
  • To rinse use salt water for your mouth, after rinsing do not spit hard, let it dribble out of your mouth.
  • Do not spit or rinse during the first 48 hours if you have had a tooth extracted.
  • Do not exercise during the first 48 hours after your surgery as it will increase pain and swelling.
  • Keep physical activities to a minimum immediately following surgery, and more vigorous activities for two weeks, things like swimming or aerobic activities.
  • If you have any worries or concerns do not hesitate to contact our support team for some help.



When your implant treatment is completed home care and maintenance are very important to keep your new teeth healthy and long lasting. Care for your dental Implants just as you would your natural teeth. Things like TEPE brushes and Implant floss to get to places your normal toothbrush would not be able to reach are great for cleaning your implant carefully and properly. Thorough oral hygiene helps to prevent diseases around the implant, it is very necessary and should become part of your daily routine. Proper homecare and regular professional maintenance will help them last throughout your life. It is recommended to see your Implant dentist annually and an Implant hygienist a couple of months after you have your final restoration on your implants. Our hygienist at the Marylebone Implant Centre, Ellison can help give you the necessary instructions on how to best care for your new Implants that will help you in the future and to practice at home daily. How you care for your implant is crucial for its long-term success. You can call us on 02034342934, email us on or chat to one of our team members on our website for more information.




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