Cancelling your appointment giving 48 hours notice

We’ve all done it, not cancelled an appointment or not given enough notice when having to cancel an appointment. At the time we do not give it much thought, but the effect it has on the service we have just cancelled is quite substantial. We do require patients to give us 48 hours cancellation notice, this is so we can offer the appointment to another patient and the time is not wasted. At MIC we like to call our patients the day before to remind them of their appointment. We let patients know we require a 48 hour notice of cancellation when they book their appointments and this message is also on all correspondence. As a busy growing business we cannot waste appointment times and in some cases we have a list of patients waiting to be seen (it could be you waiting for an appointment). We also like to run on time as a lot of our patient’s book appointments around work and other meetings, so please let us know if you are running late as we may be able to re-arrange your appointment to a more suitable time. It is also become necessary for us to ask patients who do not give us 48 hours notice for a cancellation fee to make up for the loss of appointment time and the dentists time, this is not something we like to do, but have to in order to ensure an organised and secure appointment book. So even though we understand the stresses and time constraints of the modern busy world, we have to ask that you give us a second thought when you need to cancel an appointment and give us plenty of notice. This way we can re-arrange the appointment to suit you and we can offer the cancelled slot to another patient, which is only possible with good communication. Don’t miss out on practice news, subscribe to our blog,

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