Avoiding Problems after treatment

It is very important to understand that after your implant surgery you will have to adapt your lifestyle for the first week in order to achieve the best results in healing and to ensure your implant is allowed to settle into the bone without disruption. Keep your teeth and implants clean: As simple as it sounds a good oral hygiene regime will really help to avoid problems. After you have any oral surgery you will be given antibiotics to take, you must finish the course of tablets to prevent any infection. Avoid touching the area with your fingers or tongue as this can increase any swelling in the area. And eat soft cool food and drink for at least 48 hours after surgery, if you have any concerns please contact us as soon as possible.

Avoiding problems later on: If your implants are covered by a crown or a bridge then brush them as you would your natural teeth; using floss or inter-dental brushes will really help you reach the areas your toothbrush can’t. If your implants are uncovered and you are using an over denture you need to remove your denture daily and clean the gums and implants gently as well as giving your denture a good scrub to remove food particles. We recommend that patients see our hygienist after they have completed treatment to be shown how to clean the implant areas correctly and then follow up with regular hygiene appointments, as well as an annual review with the implantologist to ensure your implants are settled and that there are no hidden problems.

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