5 Dental Implant Tips for 2018

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Welcome to the New Year… Welcome 2018….

As 2017 comes to a close we all see the start of 2018 as a New Beginning…. We are all going to do better this Year…. We make these promises to ourselves every year….

I am going to Eat Healthy, I am going to Travel more…. What has your New Year Resolution been?…. If like me you feel that it is time for You….It’s A New Year with A New You… let us at the Marylebone Implant Centre help you do this and make it a reality and not just a promise…. Marylebone Implant Centre …We can make you Smile..

If you are missing a tooth or some of your teeth this cannot only be a traumatic experience to someone it can also knock their confidence from being a very outgoing bubbly person to a very shy introverted person. People become very self conscious of their smiles… having a missing tooth/teeth or gap can impact on the way we speak and also on the way we eat. Tooth loss brings with it a variety of problems that could also involve having some bone loss and for some if this were to happen over time they could experience a drastic change in their appearance and for a lot of patients it can make them look a lot older than what their actual age is.

In a few simple appointments Dental Implants can bring back the oral health of your mouth which will improve the function of your mouth and teeth which will in turn improve your eating habits and improve your facial looks giving you the Smile you have always.

Please find below the Marylebone Implant Centre must have 5 Dental Implant Tips for 2018.

Dental implants act and look like your natural teeth.
Whatever the reason, if you have a missing tooth/teeth or a gap whether it be from a poor prognosis, injury or accident it is good to know that with a few simple appointments you can now have a tooth or teeth which act and look like your own natural teeth. Dental implants are a titanium screw which is placed below your gum which acts like the root of your tooth with a titanium abutment placed on top to keep it secure. After the dental implant has had a healing period of approximately 3 months we can then place a porcelain tooth on top which is attached to the dental implant and will match and act like your natural teeth, you are safe in the knowledge that Dental implants will not impact or affect your other natural teeth as a denture or bridge may do.
Dental Implants can make you look younger and stop that aging process.
If you have had a space or gap for some time you may find that you notice that your facial features have changed shape this may be due to the fact that over time you have suffered some bone loss in your gums and your face may have taken on a sunken look. With a simple procedure called bone grafting this will ensure that you have enough bone to enable you to have dental implants placed and you can have full function of your teeth and mouth which in turn will restore the shape of your face and can stop the aging process giving you a youthful look.

Dental Implants can help you achieve a healthy diet and lifestyle.
When you have a missing tooth or teeth this can not only affect your mouth and facial features it also prohibits you from some food types which in turn can result in a poor diet which can lead to health issues. Let dental implants align your mouth and give you back your chewing ability in order for you to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Dental Implants can last you a lifetime.
Did you know that dental implants can last you a lifetime? as long as your dental implants are well maintained. Here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we recommend that once you have had your dental implant treatment completed you should have an annual dental check up with you implant consultant and six monthly scale and polish appointments with your hygienist to ensure that all is well with your dental implant and that you are cleaning and maintaining it well so you dental implants can last you a lifetime.
Dental Implants are more affordable than you think.
At the Marylebone Implant Centre we believe that in the long term Dental Implants are the most effective way as well as being the most cost effective way to replace missing tooth/teeth or a gap as a denture and bridgework have shown over the years to have a short life span and become loose and move about in your mouth effecting your biting and impeding on the rest of your natural teeth. They have more risk of failure and you may find that you are constantly at your dentist having the denture/bridgework adjusted, repaired or mended.

When comparing the costs and fees of the denture/bridgework against dental implants in the short term they may look the most economical option however most patients find that after approximately 5 years of constantly trying to get them to fit correctly and coping with them they inevitably are required to go ahead with dental implants as the denture/bridgework have also caused some bone deterioration. The cost of dental implants can be a little bit more expensive in the initial outlay however in the long term we have found them to be the most consistent form of treatment and in the long term can be the most cost effective dental treatment and in some cases to be a little cheaper.
If you would like any further information regarding dental implants or any supporting treatments please do not hesitate to contact one of our very knowledgeable team today on 02034342934 or why not have a chat with one of our treatment co-ordinators on our Live Chat Forum on our new streamlined website at: www.maryleboneimplantcentre.co.uk or email us at: info@maryleboneimplantcentre.co.uk

Dental Implants can be your investment in you so for 2018 put your best Smile forward at the Marylebone Implant Centre.

Our dental implants start from £995 per tooth when you have four or more implants placed at the same time, this is inclusive of the implant, abutment and final tooth.


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