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Our clinic dedicates just to dental implants and bone graft procedures. We also offer cosmetic dentistry treatments and gum disease treatments in order to complement our dental implant work. At the Marylebone Implant Centre we place more than one thousand implants every year and we perform hundreds of bone grafts and sinus lifts.

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Implantologists with a solid background

Our implantologists did their full time residencies in some of the best universities in the world, such as the New York University College of Dentistry – USA. They have solid full time training and they regularly attend courses, congresses and meetings as the field of dentistry keeps evolving very fast and requires a constant update. Currently they just dedicate to dental implants and they are fully accredited.

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Lecturing and mentoring

Dr. Santos regularly lectures in the UK and abroad (Spain, Portugal, Turkey, USA). He is an opinion leader in the UK for Implant Direct LLC and his topic of expertise is the “Immediate implant placement in the aesthetic area”. He currently does mentoring to other clinicians interested in learning to place and restore dental implants.

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Competitive prices

Being a full time implant centre, we can provide great prices without comprising the standard of care. The reason why we can offer very competitive prices is because we are just dedicated to implant dentistry. This allows us to negotiate preferential rates with our suppliers and pass them on to our patients.
Our laboratory is a British laboratory based in the Greater London area.

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Knowledgeable support team

Our management team is very friendly and effective and is prepared to deal with most of our patient enquiries over the phone or by email, even before patients attend the consultation. They are very experienced and know how to develop a strong and trusting relationship with all our patients. Patients can contact us at any time for support and advice. Out of hours they can email us and will receive a reply usually within one hour.

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Booking an appointment with us is easy

You can email, callcontact form, we will always try to accommodate your availability and also recommend the ideal times to have certain procedures done.

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99% Success rate

Our very high success rate surpasses the commonly accepted success rate for dental implants, usually about 97%. The reason for such high numbers is related with our very thorough initial assessment of each patient, which includes an interview with the patient, clinical examination and CT scan and other x-rays analysis. This allows us to create individual personalized treatment plans for each of our patients with a very positive impact on the final outcome of our treatments. No two patients are the same.

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Treatment Plan

After your consultation with us, you will be provided you your own personalized treatment plan. This contains each stage of treatment, complete costs and time scale of treatment, including a guarantee. We operate in a close cost treatment plan basis, this means that all the costs will be discussed and presented to the patient before the patient commits to the treatment and we won’t change or increase this costs during the completion of the treatment.

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Best quality materials and laboratories

We just utilize the best quality materials in the industry – we believe that there is no other way to ensure a successful treatment. Our partners are market leaders in the UK and abroad – we don’t use substandard copies. The companies that we work with are: Straumann, Implant Direct, Astra Tech, Geistlich and Ivoclar, among others. Our laboratory is a British dental laboratory with a team of fully qualified and experienced technicians used to deal with all type of cases, from the most simple to the most complex ones. We can arrange our patients to visit our dental technicians if they require discussing some aspects of the final teeth.

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Care Quality Commission (CQC)

We are very proud to say that we are fully registered and practice accordingly under the guidelines of the CQC. Our immaculate report is self-explanatory. We take health and safety very seriously in order to ensure a safe environment for our patients.

We use the latest technology and machinery in order to sterilize our instruments and all our clinical procedures are performed in a very clean environment. See our CQC registration.