Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth

Studies have shown that if multiple teeth in a row are missing in the anterior part of the mouth, a bridge supported by implants would allow a more favourable outcome rather than several implants next to each other.

Our Implantologists can assess your teeth and make an informed decision as to whether you may require the multiple teeth implant bridge procedure.

The benefit of a bridge may also apply to posterior sections of the mouth, where depending on the case at hand, we may use dental implants to support bridges instead of placing multiple implants next to each other.

What Implant Method is Best if Multiple Teeth are Missing?

The exact method of patient tooth restoration depends upon the quality and quantity of bone, state of the remaining teeth, and the bite/physiognomy of the patient.

A question we’re regularly asked is regarding the number of implants that are necessary to support a long-span bridge. This varies from patient to patient, and depends on factors such as the intended position of the bridge within the mouth.

If the missing teeth are located in the front of the mouth, less implants will be required. However, if the implants are located on the posterior sections we may need to over-engineer the bridge by adding more implants. Every case is different and this is why we believe the consultation is crucial to undertake a proper diagnosis and plan of treatment.

How Many Implants Will be Required?

The number of implants supporting the bridge is dependent on the location of the bridge inside the mouth and its engineering needs (patients with a heavier bite may require more implants supporting a bridge).

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before dental implantafter dental implant